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How to Get More YouTube Comments on Your Videos

how to get more youtube comments

We all love sales, but when it comes to social media, engagement is the name of the game. And of all engagement, actual comments rank towards the top.

This just as true for YouTube as it is for Facebook or Twitter, even though it isn’t always thought of as a social networking site. It can provide valuable social proof, showing first-time visitors that all these other users were invested enough in your content to comment on it or subscribe to your channel. Comments in particular generate discussion, which means more engagement and more people wanting to engage with your content. It’s a great cycle.

There’s no doubt that capturing users’ attention enough to drive more comments can be difficult; there’s plenty of competition on YouTube after all. With the right plan in place, however, it can be done, so in this post we’re going to go over how to get more YouTube comments on your videos with five flawless strategies for all businesses.

1. End Your Videos with Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask users questions. Questions can be pretty open-ended (“What do you think?”), but getting specific can work to your benefit. It’s kind of like user generated content (UGC), where users want to know what exactly you want them to create; when it comes to YouTube, giving users specific prompts to follow can increase the number of questions you get.

An example would be something like “Do you have any questions about how the mortgage approval process will affect you? Let us know in the comments!” It’s specific, and it can be what you need to drive engagement.

If you’re ever stumped, typically asking users what types of videos they want to see in the future is almost guaranteed to get responses if you have regular subscribers. This is a common tactic of YouTube stars. See in this video how Rosanna Pansino (9.1 million subscribers strong) uses this strategy to get more YouTube comments and an endless source of content suggestions for future videos.

2. Leave the First Comment

This comes back to social proof. It’s like the dance floor at a wedding, where nobody necessarily wants to be the first one on it; instead, we wait for someone else to take the lead. So go ahead and get on the digital dance floor: leave the first comment on your videos yourself if need be.

This is a strategy that works for blog posts, and even Facebook posts, too, for the record. It breaks the ice. There’s a few options you can choose for this one:

  • Post comments under your channel’s name. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and it can jump start a conversation.
  • Have someone you know personally leave a comment. I’ve straight up asked friends to leave comments on posts, blogs, and videos for this exact purpose, and I will continue to do so when needed because it works.

3. Replicate Your Best Performing Content

This doesn’t mean post it again or even repurpose it, like you would on Facebook or Twitter.

Instead, use Agorapulse’s analytics to identify your videos that received the most engagement and see if you can figure out why. Do certain playlists get more engagement? Videos of a certain length? (In general, videos under 5 minutes have about a 60% retention rate, and those under 2 minutes have a 75% retention rate and you’ll get more comments on videos users have watched all the way through).

Once you figure out what’s working for you, create more content like it. Use the same CTAs, or create more content in the same topics of interest, or of the same length. Whatever worked for you before, keep using it.

4. Host a YouTube Contest

We hear a lot about Facebook contests and Instagram contests, but did you know that you could host YouTube contests, too? If you want to get subscribers, comments, and actual leads on YouTube all at once, a YouTube contest isn’t a bad way to go.

It will take some extra effort to promote it (and some extra funds to come up with a prize), but it can generate buzz and draw attention to your channel, indirectly driving up contests. If you encourage comments as part of the contest, this will directly increase comments. To generate actual leads, make sure you’re using qualified social contest software to get lead information securely. ShortStack fits this bill, (one of their examples is pictured above) and they have incredible YouTube contest templates that will make the contest a breeze.

5. Stay Engaged with Agorapulse

If you really want to get more comments on your YouTube videos, hands down one of the most important things that you can do is engage with the comments that you already have. Like on all other social platforms, this shows your visitors that you appreciate their comments and that you care about what they have to say.

Agorapulse now has incredible YouTube scheduling and comment moderation features that make it easier than ever to do this. You can now monitor all of your YouTube comments within Agorapulse along with all your other social profiles, and respond quickly right from the dashboard. This can help generate a conversation, getting you more comments on your videos instantly. Even if it’s from some of the same users, it still counts!

6. Keep the Trolls Away

Fairy tales like to tell stories about trolls living under bridges, but they’re a heck of a lot worse roaming around online. Internet trolls are awful, but they’re not just annoying. They can actively drive engaged users away from commenting on your YouTube channel. Why would someone want to ask a thoughtful, intelligent question or leave a complimentary note when they see eight other comments from trolls, all of whom are just waiting to rip someone else to pieces?

You want to get rid of trolls lightning fast, and this is another way Agorapulse’s new YouTube moderation features come into play. You can spot problematic comments and users, and immediately delete the comments and even block the trolls if necessary. This will keep your channel more positive, and prevent the trolls from driving away users who want to engage with your business.

Final Thoughts

YouTube comments are a valuable currency for businesses marketing on the site. They immediately show visitors that your content is valuable enough for other users to engage with, and they give you a chance to generate discussion and interact with your target audience on a new platform. These are all strong benefits that you can – and should – use to your advantage once you have them.

What do you think? How do you get more comments on your YouTube videos? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out Agorapulse’s new YouTube management features! 


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Ideas on How to Buy Youtube Post Comments

buy youtube post comments

YouTube is one of the most renowned and populated social media in the world today. It is among the best when it comes to video and image promotion. So, if you have image or video to promote, you need good and effective comments to back it up. YouTube users want to comment on the post with already enough comments. So, when you buy youtube post comments you will stand chance of convincing people about the quality of your video. But, to be sure of quality and effective comments you need some useful ideas provided here.

  1. Target the right time to buy youtube post comments

You can see that you have an amazing video on YouTube but people are not really commenting after viewing. The reason might because you are posting the comments at the odd time. So, when you want to buy youtube post comments you should target the prime or peak time. That is usually the time people will likely have time to check their YouTube account.

  1. Ensure the post comments are positive and real

It is important for you to insist on positive comments on your youtube page when you want to buy. If you already have positive comments backing your video it will influence anyone coming to the post. It will make them to also provide positive comments on your video.

The two ideas on how to buy youtube post comments are essential if you want to enjoy quick promotion of your YouTube post. Positive comments will always help you attract more positive organic comments on your YouTube posts.

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Tips on How to Buy 5 Youtube Comments

buy 5 youtube comments

You stand better chance of boosting your video on YouTube when you buy enough comments to convince people. But, finding out how to buy 5 youtube comments before going ahead to do so is important. There are lots of things you need to consider or confirm before making purchase. You are to take some time to find out the experience and reliability of the team offering the comments. You need only experienced, honest and reliable team when it comes to buying comments for your YouTube.

  1. Always ensure the likes are real

The first thing you need to do when you want to buy 5 youtube comments is to confirm whether they are real or not. This is because it takes only real comments to attract organic ones that will promote your brand. So, it is important that you always insist on real comments.

  1. Make sure you confirm the experience of the company

Confirmation of experience of the dealer is also needed. This will let you know whether or not you are working with capable and eligible team. You need the experienced professionals that will ensure you get the quality comments on YouTube.

Indeed, you need not go for the company that will delay to deliver comments to your post. That is why you should also consider that and ensure you confirm the delivery time. Ensure that the company will deliver the comments at the peak time when you will be sure of attracting organic likes to your post.

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Ways to Buy Youtube Comments Fiverr

buy youtube comments fiverr

If what you are looking for is the best way to buy youtube comments fiverr, you are welcome. This is the right place you will get all the things you need. You are going to be sure of getting the best quality and real comments fiverr for your YouTube account by connecting to the team here. The process of placing order for the comments is quite simple. What you just need is to ensure that you know what you need. Then, indicate the number of comments you need and make payment accordingly. After that the social media marketing team will provide you with quality comments you need.

Compare Prices When You Want To Buy Youtube Comments Fiverr

Price comparison is always important when you want to buy anything on the internet. Through proper price comparison you will always be sure of great deal in your purchase. After price comparison, you are going to buy youtube comments fiverr at affordable price. You are going be sure of getting all the things you need to boost your brand popularity through the comments fiverr they offer.

 Ensure On Real Comments When You Want To Buy Youtube Comments Fiverr

You should make sure that you insist on real comments when you want to buy youtube comments fiverr. With real and effective youtube comments you will easily attract organic comments that will boost your popularity. With these two tips on how to buy comments fiverr on your youtube page, you will be sure of great brand promotion.

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Why You Should Buy YouTube Comments UK

buy youtube comments uk

Do you want to promote your brands online? Are you looking for the best way to promote your new video on YouTube? There is no need to worry as this is where you are going to get what you need. Through this place you are going to stand chance of getting the quality and real comments for your YouTube promotion. The interesting thing here is that you can even buy youtube comments uk that will enable you attract other comments. But, why is the UK YouTube comment better? There are so many reasons to that. They are always real and trusted by people around.

Buy youtube comments uk at affordable price

Price is one of the most important elements you need to consider when you want to buy youtube comments uk. The reason is to avoid spending more than you should for the purchase. The UK YouTube comments are not just reliable and trusted but also offered at affordable price. That is to say you are going to get the comments you need to boost or promote your video on YouTube at affordable price.

Buy youtube comments uk and enjoy quick delivery

You need not to wait endlessly for you to get the comments you purchased for your video on YouTube. What you need is to go ahead and take advantage of the UK based comments for your YouTube page. You will enjoy quick delivery and of your order when you make your purchase here. So, if you want quick delivery you should go for UK based comments for your YouTube page.

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How to Buy Comments Youtube Video

buy comments youtube video

In every business, promotion is one of the most important elements. It is promotion of a business that can differentiate the business from others. That is why you need to always introduce good business promotion to grow and sustain your business. One of the most effective ways to grow your business is to market it on social media like YouTube. But, to stand chance of getting quality promotion through YouTube, you must have likes, views, subscribers and comments.  People will easily like or comment on your YouTube post when they find other likes and comments. That is why you need to buy comments youtube video. But you must know about how to go about the purchase to be successful in it.

Contact Only an Experienced Company to Buy Comments Youtube Video

On how to buy comments youtube video one of the things to do is to search for an experienced company. You need the company that has gained experienced in the service to be sure of getting real comments. Also, you need the company that takes the issue of security seriously while planning to buy comments on YouTube video.

Take time to compare pricing when to want to buy comments youtube video

Comparing the marketing or the available offers is necessary when you want to buy comments for your YouTube page. This will help you get great deal in the offer available. This is where you will be able to buy 20 real YouTube comments at $18.

Contacting experienced company and comparing pricing are two things you need to buy effective and real youtube comments.

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Portfolio and the role of YouTube Video comments

buy youtube video comments

It takes lot of time and effort to build up a profile on youtube. It is obvious that the image of a profile is to be build-up right from the start. In that case, a profile needs to have followers, views and comments at the same time. To boost up a profile and the video on social channel like youtube there are some advertising strategies applied. These strategies can present any youtube picture in a modernized way. The basic concept that we follow is to improve the portfolio of the customer. In that case, users have to buy youtube video comments using our platform that can:

  1. Build up the image
  2. Be directly related to the concept of the image
  3. Be elaborative

Relevant and legitimate comments

It is equally important for the statements to be relevant and legitimate.  As an outsource company, we can provide well written relevant comments on any video on youtube. We are best possible option for clients because we can handle youtube video quite professionally. We don’t use any kind of artificial views and we follow a complete plan in order to ensure committed results. We are high-quality service providers through which user buy youtube video comments without any kind of delay.


Comments on a videos should be generated through the legal means. As one of the companies, we follow and recommend procedures to all our clients. Our views are not falsely generated at all as we are aware of the fact that youtube policies are to be strictly followed.

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The Significance of YT Comments and Its Impact

buy yt comments cheap

Any video on you tube can get effective response with the help of optimization. This approach can be established through the comments. The remarks are one of the building blocks on you tube that can encourage the viewers to reach the top level of familiarity with the content. Statements can bring the viewers on the same platform. It is one the quality that any point of view can provide. There is sense of connection and interaction that our views can portray logically. User can buy yt comments cheap in order to:

  1. Motivate the viewers
  2. Influence the viewers
  3. Get the recognition from the viewers

Consistency is the key

The number of views below the content should increase at consistent pace and it one of the key factors that can make any video popular.  Once the users buy youtube comments cheap, it can significantly provide interactivity between the users. In the long run the engaged conversation can lead to remarkable results. These sorts of results can certainly make audience participate in an actively manner. Once the number of views increases, it can certain increase the number of shares and comments. Our economical remarks follow strategies that are tested and verified for consistency.


Comments can bridge the gap between the audiences. The number of viewers can be an integral part of the chain that can lead to millions of views. Our services are based upon the significance of comments. Their role in the making any profile on youtube prominent and active.

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Role of Initial YouTube Comments in Making Video’s Trending

buy cheap yt comments

It is often seen that the videos on you tube get thousands of views within few hours. It is probably due to multiple factors that makes content highly viewable on youtube. For viewership, the content on you tube must be creative an approachable at the same time. It is to be understood that the videos can be made trending with appropriate approach. The number of statements can be the triggering factor that can have noticeable impact.  There are lots of video channels over you tube that doesn’t get any traffic at all. One of the reasons for that is the lack of remarks. As a company, we are providing opportunity to the users so that they can buy cheap yt comments in order to get on top of viewership.

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Multiplying factor for a video

Content over youtube can have various type of comments. These observations may not be always encouraging. No one wish to get the negative point of views because it can certainly damage the overall image. Positive opinions can add impulsive factor to the videos. As experts of this domain, we recommend our users to buy cheap youtube comments to take added advantage because:

  • Remarks are Professionally written
  • Our Views are catchy and interesting
  • We use elaborated statements


To make a video you tube sensation, it should have the comments that can reflect the true picture and the feel of the video. Our aim is to give measurable results with the help of our initial comments that cannot only give promotional support but also help reflect the true identity of the concept used in the content.

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YT Comments as a Reflection of a Feedback

buy real yt comments

It takes an effort and time to make a video. After uploading the video on online public communication site like you tube, it is expected to get appreciation and acknowledgment by the viewers. Here, getting a video viewed is not enough at all. There is a feedback that is always mandatory. As a company, we believe comments are one of the basic forms of feedback. Our expertise is to provide the type of statements that can reflect thoughts and impressions in a positive way. The idea behind to buy real yt comments is to encourage viewers to share feelings. Our inexpensive views we can be make content:

  1. Approachable
  2. Worth watching
  3. Eye catching
  4. Interesting

More comments means more interaction

Video sharing website like you tube is popular because it offer the kind of place that can help interact users. Views can make any type of video approachable over the network. When you buy real youtube comments, we can certainly multiply the number of viewers any time. More importantly, we follow a complete logic and sense in our comments that is the reason why our statements are 100% original and engaging.


Creative content on you tube may not be able to get the attention of the viewers. But content with opinions always get notified at a larger scale. Real kind of remarks under the content should have the capacity to indulge the viewers. This particular feature in the comments can be provided with the help of our services because we are committed to provide excellence. We ensure great value with the help of our result oriented comments.